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When leading a team or business, crises are bound to happen from time to time. No matter how hard you try to avoid them, they’re inevitable and cannot be run away from. In situations like that, it’s important that leaders are able to keep their cool and figure maintain a level headed view of the situation. On top of that, their team members will likely look to them for more information on the event as well as an indicator of how they should be acting or feeling. When leadership can stay calm, it tends to help everyone else maintain their cool as well. While keeping your cool can be difficult, there are plenty of things you can do to in order to help. Read on for a few ways in which leaders can stay cool in a crisis.

Don’t Take Failure Personally

The first thing to remember when trying to stay cool in a crisis is that you should separate your personal feelings from whatever the situation is. By separating these emotions you can then put more focus on achieving success not only for yourself but for the rest of your business. A successful leader makes sure they focus on the crisis at hand and leaves their personal feelings at the door.

Be Transparent

Being open and honest is one of the best ways for leaders to keep their cool during a crisis, especially if they are open and honest from the get-go. By being timely about providing your team with information, you’re more likely to avoid widespread confusion and rumours. Be sure to stay on top of communication throughout the entire crisis, and remember to never leave out details, otherwise, information can get twisted if people hear about it from the wrong person.

Be Accountable

In a similar vein to being transparent with your team, if your companies crisis was caused by something you did, it’s important to take accountability for it. By being accountable for your mistakes, your team is more likely to respect you. Your team will also be more inclined to put their all into fixing the crisis because you were honest with them, as opposed to just doing it because it’s their jobs. 


It can be easy to throw self-care to the side when you enter crisis mode. As a leader, you’re likely hyper-focused on trying to resolve the crisis as soon as you can, but it’s important to take a break from time to time so you can sleep, eat, and mentally reset. By making sure you have time for yourself, you can go into work each day with a clear mind, ready to tackle whatever crisis you might be dealing with.