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A great way to learn more about something is to read about it. This goes for leadership as well! There are countless leaders across the world who excel at what they do, and many have chosen to share their thoughts and knowledge on what it takes to be a great leader. Check out some of these books if you’re interested in learning more about leadership.

On Becoming A Leader – Warren Bennis

On Becoming A Leader is a book that is meant to redefine leadership while also taking a look at what actually goes into making a leader. The author, Warren Bennis, was considered a pioneer in leadership studies and uses his writing to attempt to separate management from leadership. Bennis believed that people are not born leaders, they become them, and anyone can rise to the challenge. With easy to follow advice, this book is perfect for anyone looking to acquire a better understanding of leadership.

Leadership and Self-Deception – Arbinger Institute

Self-deception is common among many people, leaders included. By deceiving ourselves, we also limit what we can achieve in our lives. Leadership and Self-Deception aims to stomp out self-deception in leaders, so they can discover and utilize their full potential in all aspects of their role as a leader, and their life. This book’s core concept is that people often regard others as objects which either help or damage our journey to achieving certain goals, as opposed to treating them as people with their own aspirations. This boxes people in, limiting what they can accomplish as well as their ability to grow as a leader. The latest edition also includes a section that discusses the ways in which readers have used the book in order to improve their own leadership abilities.

Conversational Intelligence – Judith E. Glaser

Conversational Intelligence uses neuroscientific research in order to explain how building up the right kind of conversations can change lead to great success in life and business. Judith Glaser suggests that there are three levels of conversation – transactional, positional, and transformational with most being either transactional or positional and most people rarely getting to the transformational level where real change happens. This book opens up new avenues for people, allowing them to discover their own potential so they can reach the transformational level, and be the best leader they can be.

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable – Patrick M. Lencioni

Typically, you can’t be a leader if you don’t have people you’re leading in some capacity. In most professional settings, leaders have teams that they’re in charge of, and they make a point of ensuring that their teams are performing to the best of their abilities while also providing valuable assistance and feedback for the team. In Patrick Lencioni’s book, he focuses specifically on 5 common issues that tend to hinder teams and stunt their growth, while also giving methods that can be taken to address these issues effectively. This is an excellent read for anyone looking to get better at team building or having trouble leading their team to success.