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Dr. Adrian Cohen

Business & Leadership

Dr. Adrian Cohen MB, BS has been practising medicine for over 30 years. He is known far and wide as an expert in trauma and emergency medicine, as well as in business and leadership, and he has substantial experience in media, management, and marketing.

He is the current founder and CEO of Nurochek by Headsafe, a portable brain assessment device that measures brain activity through the use of electroencephalography, unlike standardized testing which can be time-consuming, complicated, subjective, and difficult to understand.

He started his career towards medicine by attending the University of New South Wales where he received his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery degree. He graduated with First Class Honours and spent his time gaining experience in a variety of ways. He completed a trainee internship at Tauranga Hospital in New Zealand, as well as residencies at several teaching hospitals such as The Royal South Sydney Hospital, The Prince of Wales Hospital, The Royal Hospital for Women, St. Vincent’s Hospital, and The Prince Henry Hospital. Dr. Adrian Cohen was also the director of the University of New South Wales medical revues, as well as the editor of the medicine yearbook and performed research and data collection for the first Australian A.I.D.S. study. After graduation, he was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study trauma management in helicopter rescue services globally, as well as being enlisted in the Royal Australian Air Force. 

The Surf Life Saving Association Helicopter Rescue Service is Australia’s only national helicopter rescue programme and he worked as a doctor on its Sydney program, completing over 1,000 rescues and patient transports. Adrian spent years perfecting his emergency, disaster aid and medevac transportation skills in every scenario, from cliffside, aquatic, motor vehicle and disaster response to local and overseas patient retrieval. This was the beginning of his foray into pre-hospital care, with a focus on head and neck injuries. 

Several years later, Dr. Adrian Cohen, MB, BS, founded a medical risk management firm called Immediate Assistants Events. His company offered training programmes in subjects such as pre-hospital care, paramedical skills, helicopter crew courses, lifeguard skills, scuba diving training, tactical emergency medicine, and corporate resource management. They also provided medical services to major corporate events and film/TV productions.

He often travels the lecture circuit around the globe speaking on the topics of emergency medicine, spinal injuries, accident management, and pre-hospital care. As the Director of charity Nurosafe, Dr. Adrian Cohen offers people a chance to educate themselves about the acute management of traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, especially helpful for first responders.  

Most recently he has turned his entrepreneurial attention to medical technology and innovation, leading the development of a world’s-first brain assessment device called Nurochek. This portable device is used to measure the brain’s normal electrical activity using EEG signals and can be used to detect brain injuries such as concussion and illness including dementia and stroke, as well as other neurological conditions. 

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Adrian Cohen’s perspective on medical innovation, leadership and business, be sure to visit his blog page.

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